5 Years Out: Life After Graduation


Sometimes I get overwhelmed or frustrated that my career is not moving at the pace I would like. I graduated just over 5 years ago from UNH and I thought it would be good to make a list of professional accomplishments to remind myself of all I have been able to accomplish thus far.

   - New Hampshire (4): Fire Giant; Hemingway's Wife; PDP Summer Cabaret; and Love, Loss, & What I Wore
   - Massachusetts (11): Noises Off; Raghead; Nurse Play; Drive; Strange; Solitude, Silence; King Lear; Into the Woods; Accidents of Bread; Baby, it's Cold Outside; and Into that Good Good Night
   - Chicago (4): Grandma D, NMT Cabaret, Liberators, and TOAST!
   - The Murder Mystery Company: 43 different shows public and private in New England and the Midwest

Witch Trials Weekly
I created 52 videos. I wrote all the scripts, hosted a majority of them, and directed co-workers in others. 
I also filmed and edited 8 videos for the primary Wiccan holidays and 2 promotional videos for the Visit 1692 Pass.

Exiled Theatre
Not only did I act in 3 pieces during their premier production, Strange Days, but I went on to serve as Marketing Manager. I post to social media, launched a successful Indiegogo campaign complete with video, designed post cards, and PR posted to several different websites. I also directed my first full-length production in April 2017: No Exit.

   - Voice Over: 101 with Candy O'Terry at Boston Casting
   - Acting Studio Chicago: Intro course &  Breaking into the Chicago Theater Scene
   - The Green Room Studio: On Camera Acting Level 1 & Level 2


Other - Career Related
   - Sang at 2 weddings (also personal)
   - Built a website and worked on my brand
   - Worked as a dresser at NSMT
   - NYC audition for Disney Cruises
   - Saw A LOT of theatre
   - Went to many auditions


Other - Personal
   - Worked at NSAR and learned a lot about REALTORS, real estate eduction, and event planning
   - Recorded a YiaYia video
   - Bought on of Debra's paintings
   - Visited: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York, Niagara Falls (both sides), New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island. Drove through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. Drove through parts of Canada. Went on vacation to Jamaica

February 2018: Feeling Fulfilled


I feel like I'm taking 2018 by the horns. I have been so blessed this first month and a half of the year and am feeling motivated and like I am accomplishing things in my career. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this here on my blog. February, specifically, has been a very busy month so far.

Life as a Professional Auditionee. I attended auditions for 4 equity theaters, some at Actor's Equity, others at specific theaters. I had an appointment for 1 audition and was early enough (and lucky enough) to be seen at the other 3. These were my first EPAs and I learned a lot about the process and what I need to do to be (and stay) prepared.

Photo Credit: Evan Hanover

Photo Credit: Evan Hanover

Liberators: An American Musical opened on the 8th! We're now halfway through the run and I am so amazed with how the show has turned out and honored to share the state with my phenomenal (and super nice) castmates. We're giving this story 110% and it has a lot to say. Covering several different aspects of WWII and oppression then and now has been really rewarding. It's nice to use theatre to raise awareness. I am so grateful to the creative team for this opportunity and the cast for joining together as a silly little family which makes me laugh, think, and feel safe to create. It's also amazing that last year I was watching a one-woman show in the same space we are performing now - so cool!

TOAST! So far I've had 2 rehearsals for this hilarious new musical. The cast and creative team are terrific, funny, open to collaboration, and ready to be crowned Toastmaster Champions!

Books & Plays GALORE! Since the beginning of the year, I have read or listened to the following books and plays:



Welcome to the Windy City!

As of July 1st I am here! I am so excited to see what the Windy City has in store for me and my career. I'm both thrilled and terrified, but now is the time to go for it! 

To quote Hugh Laurie "It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.” 

As of today, I have been cast to sing in the New Modern Theatre's networking cabaret and will be practicing my puppet skills and reading to children as the lovable and forgetful Grandma D! I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been offered so far and I'm excited to get started.

Reflection, Gratitude, and Looking Ahead

Emily Higgins (Drood), Director Tim O'Donnell, and Katharine Jordan (Princess Puffer). At the Spotlight Awards 2009.

Emily Higgins (Drood), Director Tim O'Donnell, and Katharine Jordan (Princess Puffer). At the Spotlight Awards 2009.

My mom shared THIS VIDEO today when it showed up in her Facebook memories. It's hard to believe that it has been 8 years.

This award came at a crucial time in my life. I had spent all year going from school to school auditioning for theatre programs and I didn't get in to anywhere I auditioned. I was devastated. I had a choice between Salem State or UNH. I had decided to go to UNH but I was second guessing myself, unsure sure I made the right decision - I had the passion but maybe I didn't have what it takes to really pursue a career as an actor. I loved performing as Princess Puffer in The Mystery of Edwin Drood and it's a role I would love to play again. That role was complex and fun. I gave it my all, and every night performing made me feel happy and alive. To receive this award, this symbol of excellence in performance, this recognition of my spark, this validation of my skill, gave me the lift I needed to go to UNH with a desire to learn and grow and renewed confidence that I had the basic foundation to build on my passion and make a go at a career as an actor.

I watch the video and think of how much I have changed since that year and that moment - as a performer and a person (also I hope I don't say "um" that much anymore). I think about all the people who have taught me, nurtured me, given me opportunities, loved me, and never stopped believing in me and supporting me, and I realize how very lucky I am. I am so blessed to have teachers, friends, and especially my family by my side who have and continue to help me on this journey. I am sure there will be more moments of doubt and dread and uncertainty - that is the nature of this path and of life - but I know there will also be moments of growth and joy and triumph. I am looking forward to what Chicago has in store for me and I will always remember that no matter what, I have a phenomenal group of people in my corner.

Regan, Duchess of Cornwall

It is beautifully full circle that my first Shakespeare - I was Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet, senior year of high school - and my first post-college Shakespeare, were Assistant Directed by Nick Neyeloff, someone who first helped me find the beauty of communicating Shakespeare's words on the stage. To be clear this was actually my second Shakespeare, I was in scenes and did readings in class in college but the Shakespeare always conflicted with something else I was lucky enough to be cast in.

Goneril (Hannah Pentico) & Regan (Katharine Jordan) Photo by: Martin DelVecchio 

Goneril (Hannah Pentico) & Regan (Katharine Jordan)
Photo by: Martin DelVecchio 

To say I was thrilled to be cast as Regan in Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe's production of King Lear is an understatement. I always wanted to figure out what made this woman tick and to try to give her more dimension than - manipulative psychopath who has her husband take out some guy's eyes because he disobeyed her orders to not help her poor old dad with dementia. I think I was able to adequately flesh her out and make her into a real person, who is smart and plays her strengths and switches her tactics to get what she wants.

Regan (Katharine Jordan) & her Warrior Women (Abbie Zuker & Elizabeth Wagner)   Photo by: Martin DelVecchio

Regan (Katharine Jordan) & her Warrior Women (Abbie Zuker & Elizabeth Wagner) 
Photo by: Martin DelVecchio

My Regan didn't think she was going to get any of the kingdom. It was either going to Goneril because she is the oldest or Cordelia because she is the favorite. When she has the taste of power she doesn't want to let it go. She also always needs someone to fight beside her (which is why I chose intertwined wolves for my symbol) and when her husband is killed she obviously gravitates toward Edmund. Is Regan in the right for the way she treats the people around he? NO, but I think I was able to take her on a journey; a journey that was different every night because the more comfortable we all became with the piece, the more discoveries we were able to make about our characters and their relationships to one another. It is truly a gift when a cast can take what the Director (thank you Annegret) and creative team give us and then not just stop at what their asking but continue to grow find something new, intreguing, and true to the play at every performance.

You are what you...wear?

Donna Goldfarb & Katharine Jordan - Fat/Thin Photograph by Peter Michaud

Donna Goldfarb & Katharine Jordan - Fat/Thin
Photograph by Peter Michaud

2 of the 3 weekends of Generic Theater's production of Love, Loss, and What I Wore at The Player's Ring are completed. It has been a blast to work with this strong group of women - cast, director, stage manager - not to neglect thanking the men who helped with lights, set, photos, etc.

It's amazing to work with 7 other actresses who all are in different stages of their lives/careers. We are spread through an array of decades from the 40s/50s to the 90s - I'm the baby of the cast. This is such a relatable piece for women of all ages, and in many ways, to the men who support the various women in their lives. I think each audience member will be touched by at least one piece.

I am in 5 of the 29 vignettes, not counting the clotheslines: My Mother, Gang Sweater, Sisters, Fat/Thin, and Brides. I think Brides is my favorite, followed closely by Gang Sweater because Nancy was such a fun character to create.

This is not the first time I've had to play multiple characters in a show, but that doesn't mean this process was easy. Finding each character, making them all different, trying to resume "neutral" for the clotheslines...it is amazing how much work each and everyone of us put into the development of our characters and functioning as an ensemble. Syncing up with each other for the clotheslines...whew...so happy we run those in the dressing room before each show.

This piece has been challenging and rewarding: I think that is all I ask for from a show, to come out of it knowing I've grown in some way. I got to spend time acting with people I know and love, and make new connections with people I am happy now have as part of my theatre family. Also, on a personal level, it really got me thinking about how I relate to my clothes and my body. I think I may write a monologue on the struggles of Mediterranean man-woman arm hair. On to weekend 3!


I am an OG #MurderPro and I love #dyingforaliving.
I have been so lucky to be a part of The Murder Mystery Company's New England troupe since their first show in Massachusetts in March 2014. Baptism by fire is putting in lightly, but from that first moment I was hooked. To say I was thrilled to book a flexible, on going, and paid theater gig after college in an understatement. This company has and continues to make me a better performer, team player, and improviser. I love working with this group of goofy and talented professionals and wish I could clone myself so I could do more shows with them and leave time for my other theatrical endeavors and day job.

This past weekend I had my first ever solo show, it was for a Sweet 16 birthday party (my sweet 16 pool party was cool but if I had the option of a murder mystery party back in the day, I may have changed my mind). I was nervous: would I be able to carry the show on my own without the support of other members of my MMC family? I stumbled a little here and there but for the most part I think my first time out as detective Gina Spot was a success! The birthday girl, her family and friends, were all so enthusiastic and excited. They dressed up, participated, had a great time, and we even had a few contenders for Detective of the Night (the award we give to people who guess the identity of the Murder). I left there feeling very accomplished and fulfilled. 

I am really fortunate to have a life and experiences like this where I have a chance to push myself and feel like a stronger person and performer for it.

Showstopper Saturdays: Reviews & Inspirations

Entry 1: Waitress

Waitress: A New Musical
Book by: Jessie Nelson   Music & Lyrics by: Sara Bareilles
Based upon the motion picture written by: Adrienne Shelly

Synopsis: The production follows Jenna, a waitress with a knack for creating delicious pies with quirky names, on her journey to find what happiness really is. Jenna finds out she is pregnant and has difficulty being happy about it because her husband Earl is abusive and controlling. Fortunately she has a good support system in her friends and fellow waitresses, Becky and Dawn, who have their own journeys and self-discoveries. She plans on entering a pie baking contest, at the encouragement Joe, of the owner of the diner she works at, to make enough money to leave her abusive husband. On the way, she falls in love with her OB-GYN, Dr. Pomatter. 

Comments: I was fortunate enough to see Waitress the evening of Wednesday, September 16th. It was the first production I have seen at A.R.T., and what a show to see! The music was phenomenal and excellently executed, the book and music truly worked hand-in-hand to make a seamless production. Direction was terrific and all technical aspects of the show ran smoothly and immersed us in the world of the musical.

Jessie Mueller played Jenna with such ease, skill, and honesty that at times I felt that I was a fly on the wall looking into her life: the joy, the frustration, the heartbreak. Keala Settle and Jeanna De Waal were terrific as Becky and Dawn respectively, and you could feel the love the trio of women had for one another as they each made their own push for self-discovery and happiness. Dakin Matthews as Joe warmed my heart as the crotchety yet endearing diner owner with a paternal soft spot for Jenna. Eric Anderson's played Cal the chef with ease and Jeremy Morse's Ogie had wonderful comedic timing. Drew Gehling as Dr. Pomatter and Joe Tippett as Earl were as opposite as two men can be in the way they express their feelings, whatever they may have been, for Jenna. I found myself really hating Earl, but saw the struggle that Jenna had in trying to leave him, Mr. Tippett did a wonderful job in showing us the many levels of this man. The ensemble was very strong and the entire cast worked well together to create the world of the show. There was not a weak link in the cast, musically or dramatically.

Character I Type For: If I could be in a production of Waitress I think I type best for Becky. She is the sassy best friend who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. At the same time she is good hearted and compassionate and she acknowledges she too has flaws. If I was in the ensemble I think I would have the nurse's track. 

Showstopper Saturdays: Reviews & Inspirations

I have decided to dedicate a portion of my blog to help in the continuation of my actor education. 

Through researching (reading, listening to, and watching) various plays, musicals, movies, tv shows, and performers I hope to not only expand my knowledge but also learn more about myself as an actor and where I see myself fitting into these various mediums. Using what I know about my type, my dreams, and my goals I hope to use this blog to keep me focused on my career even when I am not in a production.

Wow...that was super formal...feel like that set me up to write a series of research papers.
This is going to be fun and informal, and I hope, informative for other people too!

"The only thing better than singing is more singing." - Ella Fitzgerald

Over the past couple months I have had the great fortune to be welcomed into the Patrick Dorow Productions (PDP) family as part of their summer cabaret series.

This is the first "musical theatre-like production" I have done since graduating college, and my goodness, have I missed singing in a venue that is not my car/shower! Not only is it wonderful to sing in an organized fashion again, but adding an average of 6 songs to the rotating repertoire has been challenging and rewarding. Also, the group of people I am singing with are so dedicated, talented, and hardworking which pushes me to give each performance my all.

I am so happy with all that we have and continue to accomplish together, and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to give my soul a little musical nourishment this summer.


Strange Days on the Fringe


Exiled Theatre's premier production of "Strange Days: 5 tales concerning dark paths, odd mercies and birthday cake" will be coming to a close at the end of this weekend.

This collection of short plays was written by the wonderful James Wilkinson and directed by the terrific Teri Incampo. Morganna Becker has been an excellent stage manager, saving the day in numerous ways. The talented Daniel Bitar, Eric McGowan, and Gail Shalan are phenomenal people to work with. 

It has been an absolute blast collaborating with this group of artists to discover the ins and outs of these tales. Every night I uncover something new either within the 3 pieces I'm in, or while watching "Delicious" and "Grace." I have learned so much about myself, my process, my strengths, my weaknesses, and ...my fears...


"Drive" has reiterated what my mother has told me about never picking up hitchhikers, "Nurse Call" has revived my love for classical movies and mysteries, and "Strange" makes me a little scared to go to the family cabin in Maine...I will still go, no way I'm missing out on that vacation, you hear me Nell?

I'm sad that this experience is drawing to a close but so grateful to be a part of it. I am also so proud of all we were able to accomplish, especially with this being a production of brand new pieces from a brand new fringe company.

So, I cut a piece of cake and raise a glass of root beer schnapps (haha) to Exiled Theatre: may it continue to grow and thrive.

Here it is...the website

Woo! Here it is: my website, my own domain on the interwebs! I've been out of college for a year and a half (jeesh) and thought it was high time to commit to letting people find Katharine Jordan actor-SLASH-singer. So please let me know what you think, I'm up for suggestions. I thought oh stamp some Greek keys somewhere and boom, there you go, but I like this clean cut look. 

Why Katharine and not Katie?...uh well...I'll let you google Katie Jordan yourself and tell me why...