Strange Days on the Fringe


Exiled Theatre's premier production of "Strange Days: 5 tales concerning dark paths, odd mercies and birthday cake" will be coming to a close at the end of this weekend.

This collection of short plays was written by the wonderful James Wilkinson and directed by the terrific Teri Incampo. Morganna Becker has been an excellent stage manager, saving the day in numerous ways. The talented Daniel Bitar, Eric McGowan, and Gail Shalan are phenomenal people to work with. 

It has been an absolute blast collaborating with this group of artists to discover the ins and outs of these tales. Every night I uncover something new either within the 3 pieces I'm in, or while watching "Delicious" and "Grace." I have learned so much about myself, my process, my strengths, my weaknesses, and fears...


"Drive" has reiterated what my mother has told me about never picking up hitchhikers, "Nurse Call" has revived my love for classical movies and mysteries, and "Strange" makes me a little scared to go to the family cabin in Maine...I will still go, no way I'm missing out on that vacation, you hear me Nell?

I'm sad that this experience is drawing to a close but so grateful to be a part of it. I am also so proud of all we were able to accomplish, especially with this being a production of brand new pieces from a brand new fringe company.

So, I cut a piece of cake and raise a glass of root beer schnapps (haha) to Exiled Theatre: may it continue to grow and thrive.