I am an OG #MurderPro and I love #dyingforaliving.
I have been so lucky to be a part of The Murder Mystery Company's New England troupe since their first show in Massachusetts in March 2014. Baptism by fire is putting in lightly, but from that first moment I was hooked. To say I was thrilled to book a flexible, on going, and paid theater gig after college in an understatement. This company has and continues to make me a better performer, team player, and improviser. I love working with this group of goofy and talented professionals and wish I could clone myself so I could do more shows with them and leave time for my other theatrical endeavors and day job.

This past weekend I had my first ever solo show, it was for a Sweet 16 birthday party (my sweet 16 pool party was cool but if I had the option of a murder mystery party back in the day, I may have changed my mind). I was nervous: would I be able to carry the show on my own without the support of other members of my MMC family? I stumbled a little here and there but for the most part I think my first time out as detective Gina Spot was a success! The birthday girl, her family and friends, were all so enthusiastic and excited. They dressed up, participated, had a great time, and we even had a few contenders for Detective of the Night (the award we give to people who guess the identity of the Murder). I left there feeling very accomplished and fulfilled. 

I am really fortunate to have a life and experiences like this where I have a chance to push myself and feel like a stronger person and performer for it.