You are what you...wear?

Donna Goldfarb & Katharine Jordan - Fat/Thin Photograph by Peter Michaud

Donna Goldfarb & Katharine Jordan - Fat/Thin
Photograph by Peter Michaud

2 of the 3 weekends of Generic Theater's production of Love, Loss, and What I Wore at The Player's Ring are completed. It has been a blast to work with this strong group of women - cast, director, stage manager - not to neglect thanking the men who helped with lights, set, photos, etc.

It's amazing to work with 7 other actresses who all are in different stages of their lives/careers. We are spread through an array of decades from the 40s/50s to the 90s - I'm the baby of the cast. This is such a relatable piece for women of all ages, and in many ways, to the men who support the various women in their lives. I think each audience member will be touched by at least one piece.

I am in 5 of the 29 vignettes, not counting the clotheslines: My Mother, Gang Sweater, Sisters, Fat/Thin, and Brides. I think Brides is my favorite, followed closely by Gang Sweater because Nancy was such a fun character to create.

This is not the first time I've had to play multiple characters in a show, but that doesn't mean this process was easy. Finding each character, making them all different, trying to resume "neutral" for the is amazing how much work each and everyone of us put into the development of our characters and functioning as an ensemble. Syncing up with each other for the happy we run those in the dressing room before each show.

This piece has been challenging and rewarding: I think that is all I ask for from a show, to come out of it knowing I've grown in some way. I got to spend time acting with people I know and love, and make new connections with people I am happy now have as part of my theatre family. Also, on a personal level, it really got me thinking about how I relate to my clothes and my body. I think I may write a monologue on the struggles of Mediterranean man-woman arm hair. On to weekend 3!