King Lear - Regan

"Each of Lear's trio of daughters - Katharine Jordan (Regan), Hannah Pentico (Goneril) and Ariel Sargent (Cordilia) - wrapped themselves thoroughly in their parts." - The Enterprise

Strange Days - Nurse

"The many characters are portrayed by a quartet of very capable actors...Gail Shalan and Katharine Jordan keep us on the edge of our seats in the very cinematic 'Nurse Call.'" - The White Rhino Report

Avenue Q - Kate Monster

"[Katharine] Jordan, who played Kate Monster, exceptionally shone. She perfectly portrayed her hopeless-romantic character, and managed to move seamlessly between her comedic and serious songs" - The New Hampshire

"The emotional 'There's a Fine, Fine Line' brought tears to audience members' eyes..." - The New Hampshire

Spring Awakening - Adult Women

"In the course of two hours, [Katharine] Jordan deftly moved through the roles of headmistress, a piano teacher and three different mothers..." - The New Hampshire